Tips for Designing an American Colonial-Style Home

Have you ever wanted to recreate the look and feel of classic colonial American homes without having to pay for a home renovation? If so, then designing an American Colonial-style home is the perfect solution! This timeless decor style features both historical and modern elements that provide a fresh approach to contemporary design while preserving a sense of traditionalism. With its graceful lines, cozy color palette, and charming decoration choices, this style has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing living space or start planning a completely new interior aesthetic, we’ll show you how easy it is to give any room in your house an attractive touch with these tips for designing an American Colonial-style home.

A brief history of the American colonial-style home

The American colonial-style home originated from the early settlers of the United States. The styles from England and other parts of Europe inspired these homes. Many of these homes featured a central chimney used to heat multiple rooms and provide hot water for cooking and washing. Other features included large windows, symmetrical facades, and gabled roofs, allowing ample ventilation during hot summer.

classic colonial American homes


By the mid-1800s, America had developed its own version of the Colonial style home, with more spacious layouts than their European counterparts. This style was popular across most of America until roughly 1890, when Queen Anne architectural styles began gaining popularity in urban areas on both coasts.

In modern times, many American Colonial homes still feature the original features that were so popular during America’s early days. However, many homes have been updated with more modern amenities and technologies, such as insulated windows and energy-efficient appliances. These updates allow homeowners to enjoy the classic beauty of a Colonial home while still enjoying many of today’s comforts.

The American colonial-style home continues to be a popular choice for those who appreciate timeless style combined with modern convenience. Its popularity is evident in many historic neighborhoods across America and is an important part of our nation’s past and present.

give your home an elegant colonial feel

Ways to add American colonial style to your home

  1. Paint Walls in Hues of White: A classic and timeless American Colonial look is to paint the walls white, with an off-white shade as an accent wall. Shades of white, such as cream, ivory, and even light gray, can also be used for a subtle touch. This creates a bright, airy feeling that will give your home an elegant colonial feel.
  2. Incorporate Wood Accents: Natural wood accents are key to creating an American colonial style. Whether it’s furniture, trim work, or built-in bookcases, incorporating wood into your decor is essential for capturing the colonial look. Choose furniture made from natural materials such as oak, mahogany, or walnut for a more authentic feel.
  3. Bring in Light: American colonial style embraces natural light, so make sure to let the sunshine into your home. Incorporate larger windows and skylights where possible for an airy feel that will complete the Colonial look.
  4. Choose Rustic Textiles: To add rustic charm to the room, think about incorporating textiles such as quilts and blankets made from materials like wool or cotton. These can be used to decorate furniture or hung on walls to provide texture and color to a space.
  5. Enhance with Accessories: For a finishing touch, choose accessories such as vintage-style mirrors, pendant lighting fixtures, or lanterns that capture the look of early America. These will help to bring the home together and provide a unique touch.
  6. Use Historic Artwork: Adding artwork that reflects American colonial life is an excellent way to create an atmosphere in your home. Consider hanging classic paintings or prints of well-known American landmarks for an authentic feel that will capture the essence of this style.
  7. Layer Patterns: For added depth, layer different patterns and textures throughout the room in shades of blue, green, and red. Choose smaller motifs such as checks, stripes or florals for a more classic feel, while larger ones can be used for a more contemporary look. By layering different fabrics, you can create an inviting space with a strong colonial vibe.
  8. Add Natural Elements: To complete the room, bring in natural elements from the outdoors. Wicker baskets filled with dried flowers, botanical prints, and even plants can help to add texture and a rustic touch to your home. This will give it an authentic American colonial feel that will last for years.

Following these tips, you can easily create a beautiful American colonial style in your home. With just a few simple touches, you can create a timeless look that will be admired by family and friends alike. So don’t wait any longer – start transforming your space into a classic American Colonial home today!